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by admin on February 13, 2012

If you are looking for affordable VPN solution for your Apple TV VPN setup. Click here to visit HMA VPN, which costs around $7 per month with unlimited usage.

Apple TV VPNThe latest Apple TV comes with Netflix, NBA TV, and other stream application. Unfortunately some of the service is limited to United States locally. If you are to access Netflix in Asia and Europe, your access will be denied. However, we can setup some trick to fool Netflix that you are physically located within United States. One of the famous solution is going through VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How to setup Apple TV VPN?

  • Firstly you have to sign up for a VPN account. There are a number of VPN providers around and I subscribe the service from Hide My Ass. It costs me about $8 a month for six months prepayment.
  • Next you have to config Apple TV to pass the traffic through the VPN service. However, Apple TV (even the Jailbroken version) does not support VPN natively. We have to setup some “middleman” device like vpn router to help doing the job. I am using ASUS RT-N16 as it is recommended by Hide My Ass.

Configuration of VPN Router for Apple TV VPN Settings

Before we start, make sure you have the following ready:

You may proceed further if the above items are ready.

Installation of DD-WRT firmware on your router

  • Connect your router using an Ethernet Cable
  • Using Internet Explorer (IMPORTANT: NOT FIREFOX), Flash the downloaded firmware file through the router’s GUI at This process takes around 60 seconds. The default admin username/password is admin/admin
  • After the reboot after flashing, wait for the device to show DD-WRT. Enter root and any password
  • Do a Factory Reset to clear the NVRAM. It is located at Adminstration>Factory Defaults

Configure your VPN router

  • Visit the dd-wrt dashboard by
  • Go to Setup > Basic Setup, set the followings
  • Connection Type: PPTP
  • Use DHCP: Yes
  • Gateway (PPTP Server): (Your IP of HMA VPN Server)
  • User Name: (The username of PPTP server)
  • Password: (The password of PPTP server)
  • Connection Strategy: Keep Alive
  • PPTP Encryption: Enable
  • Additional PPTP Options: mppe required, stateless
  • STP: Disabled
  • Now you can connect the VPN router to your network, either attach it to your internet router like Airport Extreme, or directly to your ISP. It should be ready to go

Apple TV VPN Settings – Configure your Apple TV to pass through VPN

apple tv vpn

  • On your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Network > Configure TCP/IP > Manually
  • Input your VPN Router IP in the Router entry
  • You should be able to login Netflix through Hide My Ass VPN


If you run into problem on flashing the firmware, you may visit dd-wrt website to check the details. It is located here

If you have any question, you may leave comment here. Or if you find the above is too complicated, you may try to subscribe some DNS service like Unblock Us. It is easy to setup and cost you $5 per month only.

By Apple TV VPN Team

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